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Bathroom Mirror Ideas

Some Interesting Bathroom Mirror Ideas

If you are tired of that unframed glass mirror above your bathroom counter, you can replace it for a very small investment. Do you have lighting with the mirror or above it? If you don't, now is your chance to replace the mirror and add some much needed lighting.

Are you redecorating the bathroom, or just changing out the outdated mirror? There are some really interesting bathroom mirror ideas that can help you make the most of your bathroom decor.

When you replace the mirror above the bathroom counter, consider repainting the bathroom while the mirror is down. Now is the time to freshen up the whole bathroom with a new color. Maybe you can paint only the mirror wall in a color that will accent the new mirror and coordinate with the existing color on the other walls.

Another way to make the whole bathroom look new is to replace the towel racks and sink hardware at the same time you replace the mirror. They could all match for a coordinated look. The master bathroom should be updated to meet the new home standards for your neighborhood, in case you want to sell the home in the near future.

If you are wanting an updated look for your master bathroom, think of the spa look. This look is one of simple luxury with light airy colors and every amenity that will fit. Mirrors should be framed and have good lighting above or beside them on the wall. A new vanity with marble counter top would be a good investment. Photos or art with themes on the walls make the bathroom more welcoming.

Some other bathroom mirror ideas are to have two matching framed mirrors instead of one big one. Mirrors that have a medicine cabinet behind the framed mirror add needed storage for small items like make up and medicine in small bathrooms. Some mirrors have designs etched into the glass to form a border or in one corner.

Even small bathrooms can be improved with good design ideas and the right bathroom mirror. Limited space might look larger with a modern theme and simple look. Avoid clutter in small spaces. Stores like Bed Bath and Beyond have bathroom displays to help you decide what look you want. Other good places to look for bathroom mirrors are Lowe's, Home Depot, Home goods, Target, JC Penny and decorating stores.

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