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Choosing Bathroom Mirror Frames

There are many reasons for choosing new a new bathroom mirror other than the obvious one of supplying a newly constructed house. The home owner might decide to remodel the bathroom, including all fixtures and the bathroom mirror frames or the whole mirror.

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The current bathroom mirror might develop cracks, black spots on the glass or the frame might become chipped.

Whatever the reason, bathroom mirror frames come in a wide range of sizes, colors and design styles. There are bathroom mirrors for do-it-yourself home owners and bathroom mirrors that will require a bit more expertise to install.

The choice of bathroom mirror frames will differ according to what the main purpose of the bathroom mirror will be. If the mirror is only needed for decorative purposes, the choice will involve a simple mirror surrounded by some type of decorative frame.

These bathroom mirror frames range from simple wood trim frames to elaborate carved wood ones. The bathroom mirror is typically mounted on the bathroom wall above the vanity or sink, although in a larger bathroom there could be room for additional mirrors.

The bathroom mirror may be surrounded by lights or may have a light fixture mounted above it on the wall. The shape of the bathroom mirror will also help to determine how many lights will surround the mirror.

For example, a round or oval shaped mirror might not accommodate as many lights as a square or rectangular shaped one.

While bathroom mirror frames com in many shapes and sizes, the choice may be somewhat more limited if the mirror is mounted onto a medicine cabinet. Medicine cabinets are a practical necessity for many with small bathrooms.

The extra storage that a medicine cabinet provides can really help with decluttering the small bathroom.

A visit to any home improvement store such as Lowe's or Home Depot will result in a dazzling array of choices in bathroom mirror frames.

If the home owner wants to restore the existing bathroom mirror, there are kits with restoration hardware at home improvement stores and hardware stores, as well.

Online specialty stores are another option for those shopping for bathroom mirrors. Many of them offer added incentives such as free shipping.

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