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Finding A Bathroom Mirror With Shelf

While looking for a mirror for your bathroom, consider buying a bathroom mirror with shelf. An extra shelf in your bathroom can give added space for toothpaste, contact lens cases, makeup or other toiletries. This can be helpful in a bathroom where space is limited.

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If you have decided to buy a bathroom mirror that has a shelf, you can narrow it down to what kind of design you prefer. Modern bathroom mirrors with shelves can be found in white or black for a minimalist look.

For a more traditional look for your bathroom mirror, consider one that's made from wood. These mirrors typically are a bit more elaborate in their design.

Pottery Barn has a mirror with a white wooden frame. With beveled edges and a shelf at the bottom, it's an example of how wooden mirrors fit into traditional bathroom designs.

There are several different designs for bathroom mirrors with shelves. The most commonly seen one is a mirror with a standard frame. The shelf is at the bottom of the mirror, adding extra space to your bathroom. However, there are bathroom mirrors with side shelves.

These range from small, short shelves that are made to hold an item or two to shelves that are as long as the mirror itself. The latter are larger mirrors that may take up a lot of the wall space.

One way to get a bathroom mirror with shelf that has even more storage space is to find one that has a medicine cabinet.

These mirrors sit out further from the wall, adding depth to the shelves in addition to the space of the medicine cabinet.

When buying a bathroom mirror that has a shelf, be sure to look for one that has the traits you like. You can look for a modern or traditional mirror.

You can also look for one that's white, black, or more colorful than that.

Be sure that the mirror has the amount of space you want. It should also fit your bathroom vanity in terms of width. With the variety of bathroom mirrors with shelves available, there's one for just about any taste.

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