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Give Your Bathroom A Face Lift With Bathroom Mirrors And Other Accessories

The bathroom is the second most popular room in the house, next to the kitchen. With that much time spent, it's important to make your bathroom inviting.

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A way to do that is using bathroom accessories such as bathroom mirrors. In most bathrooms there is a vanity mirror. That's the mirror over the sink. That mirror is good for getting a distance glance of yourself, but when it comes to getting a closer look it is difficult to do.

Consider a mirror for the opposite wall. That way you get closer to apply make up or to groom your hair. Bathroom mirrors are not only for practical use, they also add to decor.

For instance, bathroom mirrors in brushed nickel might lend a retro look to your bathroom as it looks like chrome.

Bathroom mirrors come in many styles, shapes and sizes and the brush nickel type come in a pivoting style, oval as well as the type that you mount on the wall directly. Bathroom mirrors in brushed nickel also adds a clean, crisp design to a dull or small bathroom.

These types of added accessories are an affordable way to update your bathroom's look and give it the face lift it needs.

Where To Find Bathroom Mirrors?
Places like Lowe's and Home Depot are great places to start when looking for bathroom mirrors.

Since these stores are a part of a larger home improvement chain, they would have a wider selection of bathroom mirrors in brushed nickel and other styles as well.

While there, consider taking a look at the other matching brushed nickel accessories that you can coordinate with your other bathroom accessories to pull it all together.

For instance, you could replace an old rusty medicine cabinet with one that matches your brushed nickel mirror. Don't stop there, replace the hardware on your cabinets or replace the faucet with a chrome or stainless steel type.

Your bathroom will look and feel much more appealing and it will be easier to clean. All it will take is a quick swipe of a cloth over that chrome or brush nickel to bring back its shine.

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