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Using Large Bathroom Mirrors To Create Space In A Small Bathroom

One of the easiest ways to increase the value of your home is by doing a bathroom remodel. Even a few small changes aimed at updating a bathroom's look can go a long way on sale day.

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For example, a new coat of paint, new flooring, a new vanity and new fixtures can all be done yourself for less than $1000 - sometimes much less. But if you have a small bathroom, it can be frustrating trying to decide what to do with it, because you are limited by space.

One idea is to play with light to create space, through the use of large bathroom mirrors.

For example, say you have a small bathroom, but it has a window. By positioning a mirror on the wall opposite the window, the reflection you see looking back at you is open, outdoor space and not a blank wall.

Not only will the open space make the bathroom seem larger, but the mirror will reflect the natural light from outdoors as well.

Using this idea, you can install a frameless tilt mirror, which would let you position the mirror to catch the most natural light.

For example, both Lowes and Bed Bath and Beyond sell large rectangular tilt frameless mirrors that are fairly simple to install.

Now, even if your bathroom doesn't have a window, you can still use mirrors to create space. A large mirror above your vanity with lights installed above it, will reflect the light and make your bathroom seem brighter and more open.

In this situation, you can also hang a smaller mirror on the wall opposite your large mirror. This will create a "forever mirror" with each one reflecting back the other.

This decorating tactic is often used in public restrooms at hotels, to create the feel of more space.

Also, don't forget that large bathroom mirrors aren't the only way to create space in a small area. Choosing light paint colors, plain towels and simple decorations will all make your bathroom feel more open.

Keeping all of your metals the same can also assure that there isn't "too much going on" in your bathroom - for example, sticking with brushed nickel for all of your accessories. With choices like this and the ones mentioned above, even the smallest bathroom can have an updated look that will really count on sale day.

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